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Loving Gardens

"Creating Sanctuary for Birds, Butterflies & People"

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garden design
garden design

“Alisa Rose, the garden is beautiful! The smells are great and I love going out there because it makes me feel so good!”
~ Meredith L., 20 yr old granddaughter of longtime client

“Thank you SO much for my beautiful garden - it gives me tremendous pleasure looking out my window, and such Joy to be sitting in it!”
~ Kathleen O., writer

“Wow! I used to start feeling depressed as soon as our house came into view, and now it's instant good mood! And there are so many butterflies here now!”
~ Chris G., jazz musician

“Alisa Rose, the garden is perfect - I am deeply touched that you remembered the importance of what I told you, and how you included it. And I love that the garden looks wonderful at all times of the year, with all it's texture and color even when things aren't flowering. Thank you!”
~ Isha R., university professor

“Having Alisa Rose design and tend our garden was a great gift. She is truly an artist and her work was transformative and inspiring. She is very connected to both her skills and to her intuition. Her business is perfectly named Loving Gardens. And she did indeed bring love to our lives through her wonderful gift. Having her in the garden was like having a faery there. Her work takes place on many levels, from the external to the deep internal. I will always feel grateful for her presence in our lives.”
~Laurie W., MA, reiki master

“Dear Alisa Rose, you are so thoughtful! Thank you for the lightness and joy you bring to my world.”
~Suzanne S., ceramicist

“We have a crazy steep hill coming down on us for a front yard which had not been loved with a garden for many years. When I moved in it was totally overgrown and oppressive. Alisa Rose turned a very intimidating space into a paradise.
To help achieve this she uses many techniques including Feng Shui for balance and harmony. Not too much, not too little, just enough. I learned a garden is more than throwing rocks and plants in a space.
Alisa Rose is kind, gentle and oh so knowledgeable. I had a limited budget and she worked hard with me doing what she could with what I had in stages. Her choices of rocks and plants were just what the space needed. Alisa Rose is very conscious to combine what the customer wants and what the customer needs. I do feel the beauty, health and harmony of my new environment. You really cannot go wrong with Ambiance Eco/Loving Gardens Designs and Alisa Rose Seidlitz.”
~Linda M., caregiver

“I have availed myself of Alisa Rose’s unique talents in both my home and office. Her depth of horticultural knowledge combined with her sense of design and Feng Shui principals result in environments that are both beautiful and healthy. She cares about her plants. She cares about her clients. She cares about the planet. She cares about the plants and clients getting along on the planet.”
~Jim A., Pacific Western Mortgage Group