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Loving Gardens Designs

"Creating Sanctuary for Birds, Butterflies & People"

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garden design
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WELCOME - Thanks for Finding Us!

The name Loving Gardens Designs is a double entendre - it expresses the experience you will have in your very own Garden of Delight, and the expression of my heart, as your designer. Everyone will fall in love with your space and the feeling therein!

I'm Alisa Rose Seidlitz, principal of Loving Gardens Designs.

Our work is client centered, with Your esthetic, Your needs, Your desires, Your budget leading the way.

I bring decades of expertise in Organic and Sustainable garden design. My love of Nature and Delight in creating spaces brings Joy, Relaxation, and constant Smiles to our clients' lives. As a value added, I am also a Certified Green Building Professional and Eco-Interior Designer, as well as Western Feng Shui Consultant.

Whether you have an established area needing rejuvination, a great expanse of blank space, a tiny front plot or would like to Enliven your Retail Entryway to draw ever more clients in, our team is here to be At Your Service.

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